We manage creative finance real estate transactions

By working with Creative Transaction Consultants, real estate investors have more time and confidence.

By Subto, for Subto ✌️

Our Proven Process

Shared understanding

Right contract

Right title company

Manage escrow

Close the deal


Are you seasoned? We put time back into your schedule so you can focus on more deals instead of more paperwork.


Are you new? We bring the confidence you need, from filling the paperwork to analyzing exit strategies so you know the deal will get done right.



We're your Power Play

End that closing call with a power move: "I'll have my Transaction Coordinator follow up to get this signed." Imagine the credibility and legitimacy this conveys to your seller... You're a serious buyer with a real business.

Not only does this power play maximize your legitimacy, it also allows us to make sure the right paperwork is used and written correctly the first time (reducing addendums/amendments), and it separates you from objections because we'll be able to handle most either by directly explaining or by deflecting ("oh, we can't really negotiate on their behalf... these are the terms you guys agreed to,").

Scope of Work - Transaction Coordination