Contract Writeup Consult


1) Negotiate your deal

Read the Before you get started section below, and agree on terms.

2) Consult with us

Fill our form and we'll connect with you to get the contract polished and ready to send.

3) Sign the contract

Whether it's signatures-only or you need a Q&A session with your seller/agent/etc, we're equipped to assist.


Our writeup consult service takes your verbal agreement with the Seller and puts it to paper so you can get the deal inked.

We talk with you, pre-fill the contract, then send it to you via DocuSign for you and your attorney to review. You can make or request revisions, then sign, and it lands in your Seller's inbox!

Please note: We do not close Sellers for you. You need to have already gotten the verbal close. We cannot guarantee signatures. You can tell them you'll have your transaction coordinator send the contract over. We also have a "Contract Walkthrough" service as an add-on if you'd like us to schedule a Q&A call with the Seller.


If you don't have the deal verbally closed, stop now. You need a good verbal close before sending a contract.
You should also have disqualified cash, realtor, and keeping it before you're pitching creative finance. We see a lot of deals fall apart if this process isn't followed. For more on this topic, watch this video.

BTW: If it's connected with an active or promised loan modification, stop now --- we won't touch it.

You'll need the following information/items to complete the form: