Top 3 Reasons Realtors Should use Creative Finance

What is Creative Finance?

Creative finance is the use of non-traditional methods to get real estate deals done. Here are three potential reasons why a real estate agent might consider using creative finance in a declining market.

Why Should Realtors Use Creative Finance?

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To facilitate the sale of a property

In a declining market, it may be difficult to find a buyer who is willing or able to pay the full asking price for a property. Creative finance can help a real estate agent structure a deal that is more attractive to potential buyers, potentially helping to facilitate the sale of the property.

To secure a better price for the property

Creative finance can be used to structure a deal in a way that allows the seller to receive a higher price for the property. For example, a seller may be able to negotiate a higher price if they are willing to carry a mortgage or accept a smaller down payment from the buyer.

To help a buyer qualify for a mortgage

In a declining market, it may be difficult for buyers to qualify for a traditional mortgage due to tighter lending standards or declining property values. Creative finance can help a buyer secure financing by providing alternative financing options, such as seller financing or a lease-purchase agreement.

How to Get Started

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