Contract Writeups

NOTE: We will need to know whether or not you're in the Subto mentorship before we get started.

Before you get started...

If you don't have the deal verbally closed, stop now. You need a good verbal close before sending a contract.
You should also have disqualified cash, realtor, and keeping it before you're pitching creative finance. We see a lot of deals fall apart if this process isn't followed. For more on this topic, watch this video.

We're simply the best at writing creative contracts, but you've got to give us enough information to do it! The more you provide, the faster we can work.

BTW: If it's connected with a loan mod, stop now --- we won't touch it.

You'll need the following information/items to complete the form:

Contract Writeup vs White-glove service

Q: What's the difference between the Writeup and the White-glove options?

A: Watch the video for an explanation to see which is right for you.

$150 Writeup (SLA = 1 business day)

$100 Seller Walkthrough (optional)

$100 Rush fee (SLA = 6hrs counted between 8AM and 8PM Central, including weekends)

(Please don't "test" the form. We are charged by DocuSign for each one started, whether you complete it or not.)

Writeup: We'll put your deal on paper

Our writeup service simply takes your verbal agreement with the Seller and puts it to paper so you can get the deal inked.

We fill the contract, send it to you via DocuSign for review, approval, and signature, and when you click "Finish" it lands in your Seller's inbox. You can use this to time the delivery and be on the phone with the Seller when it arrives!

Please note: We do not close Sellers for you. You need to have already gotten the verbal close. We cannot guarantee signatures. You can tell them you'll have your transaction coordinator send the contract over, but we cannot book 30-45min meetings with Sellers to "walk them through the contract"  and close the deal at this price. We're happy to answer questions that arise and make revisions as needed.

Seller walkthrough

$100 add-on
This service is subject to availability.

We fill the contract, send it to you via DocuSign for review, approval, and signature, and it comes back to us. Then we'll schedule a time with your Seller to walk through the contract. These appointments take up to 1hr, and often involve overcoming objections, explanation of the process, etc.

Please note: We cannot guarantee signature. We will explain as much as possible and answer questions, and if the Seller wants to change the terms, we will take those changes back to you or ask that you renegotiate with the Seller.