TC Platform

Independent TCs need a platform on which to run their businesses

Whether you're a single-operator or have a team, you need a way to manage and track deal status, store files and contacts, generate template emails and task lists, and publish updates to your team and clients.

We've curated a platform for off-market and creative deals, and we're ready to share.

Go get the deals, bring them back to the Virtual Office, and we'll help you get them done.

Platform Pricing

$300 per user per month

Interested in being a subcontractor? Join now!

Creative TC only subcontracts to those who are running on the same platform. Other TC businesses can also network and subcontract with/to one another within the platform and Virtual Office environment.

  • Could you build / rebuild the platform yourself?

  • Can you use spreadsheets / Trello / Monday instead?

  • Can you find and customize another TC platform/software instead?

  • Can you find generic email templates and task lists elsewhere? Sure.

  • Can you get certified to TC and work for bottom dollar with realtors for on-market deals?

  • Can you manually submit memorandums and other documents for electronic filing on your own with or Simplifile? Sure.

  • Can you get access to prepared DocuSign templates with already-drawn input fields, conditional logic, tooltips, and signer-roles on Subto-approved paperwork elsewhere?

  • Can you join a Virtual Office with a community of other TCs doing off-market-deal TCs and sharing experience and advice elsewhere?

  • Can you find another place to be a subcontractor for off-market and creative deals without having to set up back-office invoicing, billing, and personnel management?

  • Can you dedicate a hundred hours to getting registered across the country for electronic filings of things like Memorandums instead of uploading them on our platform?
    Seems like a waste.

The Platform

We're using a heavily-customized instance of Open To Close. This software is built by TCs for TCs. The challenge we've overcome is that it was built around the traditional on-market A-to-B transaction. We're in active communication with the platform developers, requesting updates and features to suit our needs.

Document "Recipes"

You select the deal-type and we'll provide the recipe for success by showing you the list of documents you need to request, find, write, or send.

Task Lists

  • Major milestones for each deal type are clearly defined.

  • Suggested hard/conditional due dates for most tasks are pre-defined for you.